Answers to Your Legal Questions About COVID-19

In uncertain times, the law becomes more important than ever. At, we’re working hard to provide answers to your legal questions about the novel coronavirus. Click on the links below to get information about how to protect your finances, your family, your business, and more. This resource will be updated frequently to address new and changing issues. Protecting My Finances Have you temporarily lost your job? Been asked to work more hours? Do you suspect price gouging? Need refunds for your airplane or concert ticket? This section explores the financial questions people have during a pandemic. Employment Law Resources I Need Unemployment Price Gouging, Travel Lawsuits, and Other Consumer Issues When Should I File for Bankruptcy? Can I File for Bankruptcy Right Now? Do Colleges Refund Canceled Classes?

Protecting My Family

Some families are figuring out remote learning, while others need to change custody or visitation because of stay-at-home orders. There are also big-picture issues that need to be addressed, including estate planning documents like healthcare directives. And then there are the people for whom shelter-in-place is not just hard, but dangerous. Read more in this section. What Estate Documents Do I Need in Place? Divorcing During the COVID-19 Pandemic I’m at Risk: Domestic Violence and COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders Shared Custody During a Pandemic Childcare Centers and Daycares: Are They Open? Do I Need to Keep Paying? What Do I Need to Know About Remote Learning? Should I Be Worried About My Privacy in Zoom Meetings?

Protecting My Small Business

Small businesses are particularly at risk right now. Whether you own a law firm, a restaurant, or another business, we answer your questions about employment law issues, financial issues, contract issues, and more. Protecting Your Business During a Pandemic Reopening Your Business After COVID-19 Closures Resources for Lawyers and Law Firms COVID-19 Resource Center for Small Businesses Employer Liability for COVID-19 Exposure

My Legal Case During a Pandemic

Around the country, legal cases have been put on hold. What happens now? Learn about how legal cases are affected in pandemics by following the links below. What Happens to My Civil Case? What Happens to My Immigration Case? What Happens If My Criminal Case Is Suspended? How Courts Are Handling COVID-19 Does the Pandemic Affect Statutes of Limitations? 6 Types of COVID-19 Lawsuits Coming Down the Pike Understanding Government Action During COVID-19 State and federal governments have taken far-reaching actions in order to “flatten the curve,” prepare hospitals, and protect the economy. In this section, we explore the new laws, orders, and more. Government Actions During a Pandemic

What’s Legal? What’s Not?

There are many questions being posed online about what you can and cannot do during a pandemic. Get the answers here. What Are the Legal Consequences If You Knowingly Infect Someone? 6 Things That Are Now Illegal After COVID-19 Is It Legal to Resell Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper? Can Your HOA Get Involved If You Park an RV or Get COVID-19? What Are the Legal Ramifications for Churches That Ignore Social Distancing? Things You (Probably) Never Thought to Ask About COVID-19

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Legal issues don’t stop because of a pandemic. Even if you are under a shelter-in-place order or quarantine, you can still talk to a lawyer and get the legal assistance you need. Many lawyers offer phone and video consultations. To find a lawyer in your area, visit FindLaw’s lawyer directory.